We won’t take it, farm tax tractor protest

In response to the government’s assault on food production and rural communities with a punitive and counter-productive livestock emissions tax, Groundswell NZ is staging a nationwide protest at midday on Thursday October 20, the co-founder of Groundswell NZ, Bryce McKenzie.

“The government’s ideological commitment to punitive and counterproductive taxes on emissions from food production is an existential threat to rural communities.”

“After years of bogus consultation, the government has given up on any pretense of a just and workable farm emissions policy.”

“Instead, we have a levy which, according to the government’s own figures, will lead to up to 20% reduction in production for sheep and cattle farmers and a 6% reduction for dairy farmers, while their emission reductions will be replaced by less efficient foreign farmers due to emissions leakage.

“Fighting at the UN is not a good enough reason to send rural communities to the wall and drive up food prices. That’s why we’re calling on all New Zealanders to show the government we’re not going to take it. , this Thursday, October 20, at noon.

“Most New Zealanders oppose reducing livestock numbers to meet emissions targets and we will now remind the government how New Zealand pays for its place in the world.”

“As at previous protests, we ask all participants to respect private property and support local businesses,” McKenzie said.

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According to the leader of the National Party, farmers are the true conservationists of this country and tireless in their efforts to protect the environment on which their livelihood depends. Hmm. That must mean another group – trolls, aliens, gangs? – pollutes our waterways, dries up our water tables, poisons our tap water with nitrates, and endangers the health of newborns…

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