Why not attend a discovery day on the Enniskillen campus?

Alex fondly recalls his experience of attending a discovery day at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE).

“As I walked into the Enniskillen campus reception for discovery day, I was greeted by members of staff. The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was ;I felt so welcomed.

“The reception began to fill with other students interested in equine courses at the university. The staff divided the visiting students into groups. One group took a tour of the university and the other group had a “pretaste” of the conferences.

First Year Equine Management Students Visit Red Mills Horse Feed

“I first took part in the campus tour. I was blown away by the equestrian facilities; racing, horse riding, farriery and breeding, the college has it all.

“While we were walking around it was so easy to talk to the staff. The atmosphere was relaxed which encouraged us all to ask the staff questions.

“In the second part of the tour, we had an idea of ​​what the conferences at CAFRE would be like. I loved this idea, because it was the last box checked on my wish list. It gave me insight into teaching and staff engagement.The information provided was so interesting.

“We explored the digestive system, the four stages of foaling and the anatomy of a foal. We also learned about the different tools and why we use them.

Alex Gilheany, BSc (Hons) First Year Equine Management Student

“I really enjoyed the hands-on nature of the teaching, which made it easier to relate to the real world.

“Looking back, attending the discovery day was a great way to get to know other potential students.

“When we signed up in September we were able to make small talk asking if they were there for the day, a great icebreaker.

“During the short time I was a student at CAFRE, I had so many different opportunities. I had never ridden racehorses before and now I ride horses every morning.

First year Equine Management Diploma students from the CAFRE Ennniskillen campus visit Cian O’Connor, Karlswood Stables

“I was lucky enough to ride one of the horses, Jet (Forpaddythecaptain) on a school trip to Moira Equestrian Center. It’s something I’ve never seen myself doing as my background was in the show jumping, but I love it.

“As part of our study modules, we took class trips to the amazing stables of Karlswood (Meath), to meet Cian O’Connor, Red Mills (Kilkenny) and Ash Hollow Equestrian (Dromore).

“My time at CAFRE has so far exceeded my expectations and the supportive and supportive campus has been truly welcoming and made the transition from school to CAFRE seamless. If you are considering coming to CAFRE, you will not regret your choice .”

The Enniskillen campus is hosting a course orientation day on Friday, November 25.

This event is primarily aimed at prospective higher education students prior to the submission of their UCAS applications.

If you are leaving school in 2023 and want to pursue a career in the equine field, go for it and book to attend the discovery day.

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