Young farmers have a blast on Rally Day 2022

That’s why after a 10-year hiatus, the organization has brought back YFCU Rally Day for 2022.

Ten years ago it would have been a day of workshops and games, followed by a slippery slide made from a silo lid, lots of fairy liquid and, of course, water.

This year YFCU tried something a little different and traveled to Splash NI to explore Moneymore Water Park.

The rally day was kindly supported by YFCU platinum partner, Dankse Bank.

Over 65 members arrived at Splash NI and, once registered, received an overview of the organization from YFCU President Peter Alexander.

It was great to see 17 new members who just joined in September attend to learn more about YFCU and all the opportunities YFCU has to offer.

“A fun day out with plenty of opportunities to learn all about what YFCU has to offer and get to know other YFCU members – highly recommend to anyone,” said Laura Patterson, Co Antrim Secretary, Executive Member, Member of the programming and development committee. , Holestone, PRO

The members and some of the entertainers then put on their wetsuits and enjoyed a few hours on the inflatable water park before lunch.

After lunch, the group split into two sub-groups. One group attended team building activities, by Splash NI staff, while the other group attended workshops, which were provided by members of the presidential team and the chair of the travel committee .

The workshops focused on some of our competitions and travel opportunities.

The first workshop focused on the YFCU Arts Festival and Gala, hosted by Vice President Richard Beattie.

Richard hired the members because they had the opportunity to write their own scripts, which included songs and dancing.

Some members even managed to put on a mini performance.

The following workshops focused on the one-act and three-act theater competitions, hosted by Vice President Adam Alexander, followed by the Demonstration Presentation Competition hosted by Vice President Lynne Montgomery.

The final workshop focused on the YFCU Travel and Exchange Program, facilitated by Travel Committee Chair Hannah Kirkpatrick.

Members enjoyed a taster session to give them a taste of what the YFCU Rally Team would do at the Rural Youth Rally in Europe.

Chairman Peter Alexander said: “It is fantastic to see YFCU Rally Day back on the calendar after learning so much about our organization so I am delighted that we are able to offer these opportunities again to our current members.

“Thank you to our platinum partner, Dankse Bank, for sponsoring our rally day, and to those who facilitated the workshops. I can’t wait to see how Rally Day 2023 can be made even bigger and better.

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