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for the right peopleA few weeks ago, I accidentally left my purse in the shopping cart at Hy-Vee on Madison Avenue. Thank you very much to the person who gave it to customer service. Thank goodness there are still good people in this imperfect world.

Kamp a renewable energy advocateCouncil Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Drew Kamp is an advocate for renewable energy efforts in Iowa. In his role with the Chamber, Kamp sees firsthand the economic impact renewable energy is having on Council Bluffs and communities across the state. Putting his community first, Kamp plays a vital role in promoting the continued development of renewable energy and needed infrastructure updates in the region, ensuring the long-term success of households and businesses.

The Town of Council Bluffs has embraced the implementation of renewable energy and has prioritized making it easier to install solar panels for residents and businesses. Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs is home to Renewable Energy Technology and Solar Installation Technician programs, powering the clean energy workforce and preserving jobs in their own neighborhoods.

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With leaders like Kamp in our communities around Iowa, our state will continue to move forward with renewable energy efforts, keeping our spot on the national leaderboard. Power Up Iowa thanks Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Drew Kamp for his ongoing efforts to make his community a better place.

Rural Iowa: A Place Everyone Can Call HomeTraveling to rural Iowa, I saw how USDA housing programs can raise entire families and make dreams come true.

Over the years, USDA Rural Development has helped nearly 5 million families and individuals across the country realize their dream of home ownership. From Cherokee in northwest Iowa to Burlington on the Mississippi River, our USDA staff in Iowa is working hard to extend that same homeownership opportunity to everyone in our rural communities.

Each June, USDA Rural Development celebrates Homeownership Month by sharing our success stories and many resources to help people in rural communities buy, repair, build, and rent homes. We know that expanding homeownership options strengthens our hometowns and helps families and individuals build wealth and achieve financial stability. For example, a single woman recently immigrated to northern Iowa, heard about USDA home loans at work, qualified, and is now the proud owner of her first home!

Under the leadership of President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack, the USDA works to ensure that rural and tribal communities have equitable access to resources to become homeowners, especially in historically disadvantaged communities. served who need our help more than ever. Affordable, well-built housing is essential to the vitality of every community.

That’s why President Biden recently announced a plan to increase the stock of affordable housing across the country, especially in rural areas.

The Biden-Harris administration has already invested $26 billion to help nearly 150,000 people in rural and tribal communities buy, repair and build homes through USDA Rural Development single-family housing programs. Over 35,000 families and individuals living in socially vulnerable communities have been helped to become homeowners.

The USDA offers rental assistance to qualified applicants. We recognize that home ownership is one of many housing options. Due to rising housing costs and other economic challenges, renting a home may provide some flexibility for some residents. Whether you own or rent a home, you invest and connect with where you live.

We are reaching out to residents of rural Iowa who may need this life-changing help from the USDA. We invite you to learn more about our housing resources by visiting our website or by calling 515-284-4664.

Theresa Greenfield, the USDA’s state director of rural development in Iowa, was appointed by the Biden-Harris administration.

In favor of Mike FrankenWe are all upset. It seems that our remedies and solutions are taking too long because of the misdirection of a political party. We have a (general election) coming up and have a candidate, Mike Franken, with the military stature we need today. (Before the primary,) one thing you could do to send a clear message to the Democrat party is to go to the courthouse and change your party affiliation and then vote for that military in the primary to make sure that he can run against our ‘do nothing’ Sen. Chuck Grassley in November. (Franken won the Democratic nomination for the 2022 U.S. Senate election in Iowa.)

As the Navy says, it’s time to change your watch.

Do democracy during the holidaysPeople are making a mistake this summer, going on vacation as usual, an even grander vacation than usual. In doing so, they pay little heed to runaway inflation, higher interest rates, credit card and college debt, the income and support needs of their local communities, and the a host of other factors.

It’s the same mistake retirees have been making for generations, leaving their longtime quarters to spend permanent weekends in new digs to the south. They leave their communities just when their wisdom and skills are most needed there.

Future holidaymakers and luxury retirees are better off staying home and spending time and resources addressing issues such as gun violence, aimless youth, general crime, pressing debates on local issues and the mere participation in democracy in general, before it is too late.

And don’t think marriage will save you, or your friends, or your church, your new job, your investments, a sun cruise, or your new home in Sun City. These things often turn to dust when society as a whole separates them due to individual negligence.

Democracy can be as much fun as a vacation, and it’s even more necessary. Try it this year.

Remembering Jim SealsSeals & Crofts had a very special sound. The song Diamond Girl is so beautiful. I always liked him. Rest in peace, Jim Seals.

Hallandale Beach, Florida

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