YouTube farming couple based in Tap O’Noth by Rhynie, share the joy of 10 years of success

A YOUTUBE farming couple are celebrating a decade of sustainable farming in rural Aberdeenshire.

James Reid and Rosa Bevan have amassed an impressive following on YouTube.

Young farmers James Reid and Rosa Bevan have made a living at Tap O’Noth by Rhynie using permaculture techniques.

With over 19,000 YouTube subscribers, the duo’s videos documenting life on the farm and encouraging sustainable techniques have proven popular.

Their eight-acre farm produces eco-friendly fruits and vegetables and is also home to chickens, geese and a herd of dairy goats.

James Reid with some of his sustainable organic products.
James Reid with some of his sustainable organic products.

James Reid said: “We want to inspire people about the life they can lead if they look at the earth a little differently.

“To have been able to work in this direction over the past ten years has been extremely rewarding.

“We want to continue to develop our social platform to expand our reach.

“It’s amazing what you can do with a little piece of land and a lot of people don’t know that.”

First-generation farmers also supplement their income from the land through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) vegetable basket business, agritourism, and farm tours and rental of their shepherd’s cabin.

They also offer online permaculture advice and residential courses.

Rosa Bevan leading her dairy goats.
Rosa Bevan leading her dairy goats.

Rosa Bevan said: “We haven’t looked back since this project began ten years ago and it has been inspiring for us to see the benefits Tap O’ Noth Farm has had on the environment, our local community and our lives as well.

“It’s been an incredible ten years at Tap O’ Noth Farm and we look forward to what the future holds for our Aberdeenshire home.”

The couple’s ecological success is featured in the Scottish Land Commission’s MyLand.Scot campaign, which aims to highlight the benefits the land brings to communities across Scotland.

Hamish Trench, Chief Executive of the Scottish Land Commission, said: “James and Rosa from Tap O’ Noth Farm have done an incredible job of combining permaculture and land use with social media to create an inspirational home. informative and interesting.

“By developing the farm as they have, the couple are a great example of how the land in Scotland can be transformed to benefit the environment, people’s livelihoods and communities.

“We hope that by sharing their and other important stories through the MyLand.Scot campaign, we can inspire Scots to start thinking about the land differently.

“Land can play a crucial role in everyday Scotland, from housing and homes, to giving people the means and confidence to start businesses.”

James and Rosa are also featured on a brand new podcast “The Lay of the Land” talking about their experiences and love of the land.

Click here for more information on Tap O’Noth.

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